5 Ways to incorporate crystals every day

Curious on how to incorporate Crystals in your life?!

I have created a list of 5 ways you can connect with crystal healing and improve your atmosphere every day.

1. Wear your crystals 

There are so many amazing crystal jewelry pieces out there right now.  Beaded bracelet, pendants necklaces, earrings, pocket stones, keychains and so much more!

By wearing crystals we are constantly absorbing and connecting with that Crystals energy.  It's a very gentle, calming way to get the benefits. By consciously choosing to connect with a certain stone you are making that intention to bring that energy into your life.  As a quick rule of thumb the colour of the stones bring certain healing...

Black:  Protection and absorbes negative energy

Red: Grounded and safe

Orange: Creativity and motivation 

Yellow: Happiness and confidence 

Pink and Green: love and comfort

Blue: Communication and expression 

Purple and White: Clarity and healing

Those are just surface explanations but an easy guide if you are out at the shop and see a beautiful piece ♡ Make sure to cleanse your jewelry regularly to clear that old energy!


2. Place them in your workspace

Having a relaxing, calm, organized workspace is ideal for a productive day.  Place Crystals in your space for an uplifting and beautiful atmosphere. Great Crystals to have in and around your workspace is:

Black Tourmaline: grounding, absorbs negative energy

Tigers Eye: confidence and strength 

Citrine: happiness and joy

Sodalite: aids communication and wisdom

Pyrite: abundance and good luck

There are so many other great choices and  by placing these around the office, cubicle, or desk at home they help create a happy, uplifting, productive working environment.

3. Houseplants 

Placing your crystals in your house plants not only makes the plants pretty to look at but also clears the stagnant energy from the crystal by being placing in the soil.  I love having black tourmaline by the front door and having it in a plant just conceals it perfect so it doesn't get moved by little fingers. Other stones that are great for plants are green, black, or pink stones.  They create a such a beautiful centerpiece and make a houseplant feel complete.


4. Creating your own sacred space

Create a personal space for you to retreat to after a long day at the office or home desk.  If you are working from home (WFH) use this area as a break room. Place items together that you have a personal connection within a nice organized way.  Either on a shelf, tray, bookcase, coffee table etc. When you set up your sacred place having all the elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) will be balanced and harmonious to look at.  Some suggestions to represent the elements are:

Air: incense or a feather

Earth: Crystals and houseplant

Water: Seashells or water feature

Fire: You favorite Crystal Wicks Candle 


5. Meditation

Crystals are a great addition to your daily meditation practice.  By choosing to hold a crystal you are transferring energy with it.  You are working with the energy that crystal has and releasing your own energy into it.  I like to hold my Crystals in my receptive hand (nondominant) so I can easily receive the beautiful energy that particular Crystal gives.  Once done your meditation makes sure to always cleanse your crystal to clear and charge the energy that was exchanged.

Read my Blog on "Cleansing and Charging your Crystals" to find the many ways to clear that energy! 

Always use your own intuition and personal resonance when it comes to crystals.  You can never choose a wrong one, set your intention of what that crystal means to you and enjoy the atmosphere of your new relaxing space.  

Much Love,