Cleansing and charging your crystals

You might have read or heard about putting crystals under the magnificence of the full moon to charge. Now this definitely is one way to cleanse and charge your crystals but there are many other ways to charge up these beauties. Here is a list of a few ways I charge my crystals.


1. Moon Energy

Lunar energy is a great way to cleanse and charge up crystals or any other divination tool. The moon affects our energy more then you can imagine. Letting your crystals bath in the moonlight on a full moon or new moon is a great practice or ritual to have. You are connecting to the cycles and energy of Mother Earth and reconnecting to the essence of Gaia. This is a very simple way to charge and cleanse without risking damage to your crystals. 


2. Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing is another great way to remove the energy that was absorbed.  Using your favourite herbs, incense, or herb bundles and gently waving the smoke over and under them, Envision the smoke is allowing the Crystals to be cleared and cleansed. Set your intentions while doing this form of cleansing.


3. Water Baths

Rinsing your crystals in water and Envisioning the energy being washed away is a fantastic way to cleanse and clear energy.  Especially if Crystals get handled a lot it keeps germs at bay. Just be cautious about what stones can go in the water if it has a low Mohs scale it is soft and can dissolve in water. My quick rule of thumb is if it ends in -ITE NO water.


4. Selenite

Named after the Moon in Greek this beautiful crystal never needs cleansing. It does, however, need charging to work at optimal power but just by placing your crystals on selenite it takes away the energy and clears the stones touching it.  Charge your selenite under the Moon or a copper charging pyramid.


5. Using your own White Light

Use your intention and sit quietly with the crystal you wish to cleanse and say "I cleanse these Crystals and transfer the energy that is not needed back to the earth" Envision the old energy going into the soil to the core of the earth and bring up fresh white new energy to the crystals you are holding. Now your Crystals are programmed to your unique energy.

Think of your crystals like rechargeable batteries they need to be cleansed and charge to work at optimal power. The more we hold and transfer energy with a crystal or wear it often the more it needs to be charged. The Lunar Cycle, selenite bowls or charging plates, smoke, water, and earth energies are great ways to keep everything working at optimal power!

Leave a comment below on ways you love to cleanse your crystals and remember to keep good crystal hygiene!