Crystals 101

Crystals carry such wonderful energy and can be such a great tool to have for our emotional and mental health.  I love reading and learning about crystals and the energy they carry. One thing I really can't stress enough is feel how the energy of that particular crystal works for YOU!  Sit quietly with it, feel it, and notice what emotions are coming up. A crystal may resonate so much differently from one person to another. There is no wrong way to work with the crystal world just come from a loving heart and set your intentions.  Here are some of the crystals I have personally worked with and the energies I get from each crystal, stone, or mineral. Remember to keep up good crystal hygiene! 

Need tips or learn ways to cleanse and clear the old energy check out my blog!

Enjoy working with the beautiful crystal kingdom and I love hearing what your connections are while working with them! 


Calming, Connection, Peace

Amethyst carries a very calming energy.  It is commonly known to be connected to the Third Eye and Crown chakra.  Using Amethyst can help you connect during meditation, keep you calm by carrying it in your pocket, promote peaceful sleep by having it beside your bed and so much more. 

"I AM calm, at peace and connected to more than just the eye can see"


Joy-Abundance-Personal Power

Citrine is such a happy stone that brings abundance to our life.  I associate it with the Solar Plexus chakra so it's a great powerhouse stone to work with.  Citrine has an energy of Power, Joy, Abundance, and raises your self confidence. Citrine will lift your spirits, is great to have in your office space, and will help you rise to the challenge.

"I AM full of Joy and living in Abundance"

Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom, Transformation, Awareness

This high vibe crystal is extremely powerful and connects to the Third Eye chakra.  Lapis Lazuli is a great stone to have around as it helps and work with connection to the higher realms and bring in deep insight and wisdom.  This crystal should not be taken lightly, it is a powerhouse and will shine the light in many areas of your life to help aid in your transformation and healing journey.   Need guidence on a certain situation in your life? Look no further than Lapis Lazuli and use it in your next meditation or crystal grid. Great stone to use if you are looking to connect with past lives during meditation. 

"I AM connected and aware of the ancient wisdom and knowledge inside me and trust my intuition."

Desert Rose

Grounding, Focus, Balance

Desert rose is a great crystal as it is connected to the root and crown chakra.  You get the earth energy from the sand and the high Vibrational energy from the selenite.  It is a great crystal to ground you and also bring in focused energy. Great to use in meditation or have in your workspace for a calm, concentrated, focused workspace.  

"I AM safe and release all my concerns that no longer serve me to the Universe.  I AM balanced."

Black Tourmaline

Grounding, Protective, Stability

Black Tourmaline is a very grounding stone.  It connects you deep to the energy of the earth and is very protective.  It absorbs negative energy in spaces or from your aura. Grid a room with a piece of black tourmaline in each corner to have a grounded energetically protected space.  Black Tourmaline is also great to have at your front door, in your office space, or wear if you know you'll become anxious.

"I AM protected, grounded, and safe."


Purity, Cleansing, High Vibrational

Selenite is an extremely powerful crystal to work with.  If you are empathic in any way this is a must have. Selenite clears and cleanses your energetic body, cuts cords, cleanses other Crystals and never needs cleansing itself.  It does need charging though to stay at optimal power. A night under the full or new moon will charge it. NEVER put selenite in water as it will disintegrate and will flake apart. 

Selenite is a crystal of purity, it will help bring in high Vibrational energy and aid in connection to the higher Realms.  It is a great crystal to work with and to connect with during meditation. Laying a long selenite ruler down the middle of your chest or placing a piece on a chakra point that may feel blocked or need a little extra attention; it will really help move that energy and clear the lower energy that is no longer serving your highest good.

"I AM clear and connected to MY energy.  I release what is not serving my highest good and connect to the divine white light of the Universe."


Power, Grounding, Strength, Mystical

Nuummite is a stone that is extremely grounding.  Its energy is deep and extremely powerful and full of ancient wisdom.  It has this strong quality that makes you feel so incredibly powerful!  

Nuummite connects you to your centre, your truth, your inner mystic.  This is one powerful stone to use during meditation if looking for deep wisdom or to connect with your inner magical.  I highly recommend this stone but I personally find it can be a very intense energy so working with it for shorter intervals of time at the beginning might be beneficial.

"I AM a powerful spiritual being!  I am connected to my inner strength, wisdom, and ground it into my current reality!"